Snow Mountain!

Beth and I took our first trip to Snow Mountain this holiday weekend! What a great time! We really enjoyed our outing with Hailey and Caleb, Beth’s daughter and son. It was a little chilly at times, but after all… it was snow!! We dressed warmly and had an awesome experience without any glitches :)

We decided to grab season passes this year, and we are looking forward to a great year of fun at Stone Mountain. The cost for Mountain Plus season passes is about $99 each, but it includes parking and all of the attractions, including the skylift, Snow Mountain, everything. Plus, it also entitles you to 20% off all purchases of food and shops! That is a huge benefit and savings. If you plan to go to Stone Mountain more than once, it really is worth it. We plan to go often and get some exercise, and take advantage of the Laser Show and other attractions.

Snow Mountain was a lot of fun. We signed up in advance for a slot between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. This was perfect for us, since we got there, picked up our season passes and shopped around a little and had lunch. Our time slot was great. The sun was up and it kept things a little warmer. It really was cold in the shade (and after the sun went down later). We were able to beat the crowds and enjoy the tubing section without waiting. There are two sections, one for groups of 4 or 5, and another for single tubing. It wasn’t ‘scary’, but it was exciting and great fun. I highly recommend it. :)

The play area at Ft. Snow was fun as well. There was a lot of creativity and families were having fun building castles and snowmen.There is an area to throw snowballs at targets, and a fire pit for making smores… something we didn’t do, but will have to try out on our next trip!

I have included an HD YouTube video below.

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