Hello World!

Another Blog!?!

Are you serious?!?

“Hello World!” is the standard output for any first attempt at programming, so it is appropriate for a first post on a new blog. But why, oh why, does the world need another blog?? Well, I suppose it doesn’t. That’s why this blog isn’t for the world, or even for you. It is for me.

You see… I need an outlet for all of the voices in my head 🙂
This isn’t a sports blog, although I will likely talk about the Dawgs, the Braves, the Falcons and more. This isn’t a political blog, although I will likely voice my opinion on current events when I need to vent. This isn’t a hobby blog, although I will likely talk about my interests in all things Apple.

No, this is just a venue for me to share my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams. At one point in my life I journaled extensively. I miss that outlet for my mind to express what is inside me. I don’t intend to share my innermost secrets on the ‘net, but I do long for a way to transfer what I am feeling into words. So I am taking the plunge and putting it out there for all to see. Hello World! Hello… tap, tap, tap… is this thing even on?

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